Madagascar Holidays

With the help of our expert travel advisors, the perfect tailor-made holiday in Madagascar is only a few short steps away. At Go TailorMade we know Madagascar and our first-hand experience and knowledge of the country means that each suggested itinerary below has been thoroughly tried and tested. Of course, these tours are not set in stone but are our suggestions to help you get the most out of your holiday. Use these itineries as the starting place and together we can create your ideal holiday in Madagascar.

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Madagascar Landscapes and Wildlife Holiday

Head south west to the land of the baobab and the mesmerising lemur and bird-life of Kirindy. Visit Bekopaka National Park and have the chance to explore the other-worldly landscape of the tsingy from the exhilarating vantage point of the ‘via ferrata’ there. Further exploration of the less-explored areas of the island culminates on the beautiful west coast at the beach paradise that separates Mikea Forest from the Indian Ocean. The return northwards takes in two of the very best National Parks: firstly the much vaunted and incredibly biologically diverse Isalo reserve, where stunning panoramas are complimented by beautiful natural springs and a reminder of the rapidly declining forest delights that once clad so much of Madagascar; and then the little-visited, but awe-inspiring granite topography of Andringitra.

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Madagascar Family Holiday

Our journey takes us through the rainforest to the extraordinary Pangalanes Canal region on the eastern shores. There is the chance to see the sleepy northern port of Diego Suarez, site of a key British military battle in World War II, before heading to the beautiful jungle lodges which offer a huge range of land-based and aquatic sports, nature viewing and relaxation opportunities. Visit superb national parks, including the rainforest at Andasibe, a place abundant in lemur species, famous for the haunting call and sightings of the indri.  Travel to Amber Mountain National Park with its extraordinary endemic birds, chameleons and massive tree specimens. Equally intriguing is the limestone magnificence at Ankarana National park where water erosion has created stunning tsingy formations and complex cave systems. Finally, spend time based on the exquisite shores of Nosy Be, taking picturesque trips to the area’s islands, a series of veritable paradises and a very tranquil end to the trip.


Madagascar Bird Watching Holiday

Madagascar offers a curiously contradictory blend of constantly shifting classifications for species of flora and fauna – new subspecies and indeed species of bird are particularly prone to identification with increasing stress on genetic research; in contrast, the actual habitat of the island is under extreme pressure from logging and evolving social, financial and agricultural stresses, meaning that many species lie on the brink of extinction.  On this tour you can immerse yourself in Madagascar's biodiversity with an amazing range of experiences that may well write itself into the annals of your birding history.